Key Dining Moments at Emo Court


Apr 9th 1817  The 2nd Earl of Portarlington threw a dinner party for eight guests.
July 31st 1820 Officers of the 18th Hussars dined at Emo.
Jan 22nd 1821   A party of 12 dined at Emo.
Feb 2nd 1833 The two new wine cellars under the portico were finished, replacing the old round wine cellar.
Feb 1st 1840      The dining room at Emo was finished – the 2nd Earl of Portarlington dined there for the first time. 
Aug 19th 1848   A sumptuous repast was given at Emo to celebrate the first visit of   the Countess of Portarlington to Emo Park. The 200 guests   (gentlemen and farmers) enjoyed a profusion of delicacies, including pies, jellies, blancmanges, pineapples, and lobsters  brought fresh from Kingstown that morning.
Jan 8th 1853       Subscription ball at Portarlington patronised by the Countess of Portarlington. The supper and wines were furnished from Dublin and were of the highest quality. 
Sept 11th 1858   Festivities and dinner at Emo Park for the local school-children.
July 27th 1861  The Prince of Wales dined at Emo Court; the house was lit by gaslight for the first time.
Feb 28th 1863 Lord Portarlington suggested giving “a substantial dinner of beef and pudding” to the poor to celebrate the marriage of the Prince of Wales. In March, he entertained his tenants, household and   labourers to a sumptuous dinner in honour of this event.
Dec 9th 1876  Ball at Emo Court to mark the visit of the Duke of Connaught. The supper and dining rooms were decorated with stands of native and  exotic flowers, while crescent-shaped candelabra provided illumination.
Nov 15th 1879 Dinner party at Emo Court.
Dec 13th 1879   Ball at Emo Court.
Jan 17th 1883  Ball at Emo Court to mark the visit of the Lord Lieutenant and Lady Spencer.
Sept 1885 A sumptuous lunch and garden party were held at Emo Park for the Lord Lieutenant.
Sept 14th 1889   Garden party at Emo Park before Viscount Carlow left for a long   visit to Scotland
Jan 16th 1892  Servants’ Ball – supper was served in the most recherché style in   the servants’ hall, which was elaborately fitted up. The refreshments were served in the billiards room.
July 9th 1892   School fete at Emo Park: the children were served tea and cake at 5pm, and after more races and games they had cake and sweets at   8.30pm. All the children sat together at tables set up in the park.
Aug 7th 1897 Jubilee school fete at Emo Park: liberal amounts of tea and cake were served to 1,200 guests.
Jan 8th 1898   Servants’ Ball at Emo Court.
July 29th 1899   Picnic at Emo Park: the weather was fine and sunny, and the entertainments included singing, recitations and dancing. The food   was of the highest quality and was catered by the Misses Gleeson  and Miss Tighe.
Mar 9th 1907  Homecoming party at Emo to celebrate the return of Lord and Lady Portarlington from their honeymoon. The labourers, tenants  and people of Portarlington were treated to food and refreshments  in the buildings adjoining the mansion. They were fed in batches,  owing to the large turn-out, and the catering was provided by Mrs Browne of the Imperial Hotel. The celebrations ended with a  fireworks display, while an immense  bonfire and electric torches lit up the surrounding grounds.
Sept 16th 1911 Open-air fete and tea party for 400 guests at Emo Park. The tea party was catered by George Mathews of Portarlington and a  helter-skelter provided great entertainment.
Dec 30th 1911 A sumptuous Christmas feast was given to the local school  children.
Jan 6th 1912  

Ball for the tenants and household of Emo Park and the people of   the surrounding neighbourhood. The tables were laid for 300  guests and refreshments were provided.

Jan 3rd 1914 The local school children were entertained to a Christmas tea with cake, sweetmeats and bon-bons in abundance.