St Mary’s, Emo, Portarlington, Leix







1.                   Sufficient suits of clothes for everyday use, besides any suits they already have, to last for two years.

2.                 A suit of black cloth (Chesterfield coat). Another suit may be required after the two years.

3.                 A topcoat, and a good waterproof coat of dark colour.

4.                 Sufficient dayshirts, night shirts or pyjamas, socks, white handkerchiefs, collars, black ties to last for two years’ novitiate.

5.                 Inside vests and drawers, if they have been in the habit of using such, to last two years.

6.                 Six towels, comb and brush, razor, etc.

7.                 Boots and strong shoes: two pairs of each.

8.                 Two pairs of house shoes or slippers (not carpet or patent leather).

9.                 Clerical soft hat, besides a hat they may already have for ordinary use.

10.              Umbrella (not silk).

11.               A good watch, preferably a pocket-watch.

12.              A good travelling bag or small trunk, and a hand-bag.



N.B. - The Novices are expected to be supplied with clothing from home during the Noviceship.

It is better usually that they should bring with them when entering only one of the clerical suits mentioned above (No.2); and have the other sent on, if required, towards the end of the second year’s noviceship, to allow for possible growth during the two years.

With this exception, it is desirable, as far as possible, to bring with them all the above outfit; however, to save heavy initial expense, arrangements can be made for them to bring what is required for immediate use and to have the rest supplied from home when needed.