Files from National Archives(Census 1911/1901)& Wages Books

Please note :These files are scans and therefore images.They have all been reduced in size from the originals and in some cases there are just portions of the scan. If you live in rural Ireland and haven't access to broadband some of the files will be slow to download. In that case it might be better to get the Resource CD from Laois Education Centre.

Instructions for filling Census Form(214k)
Family Return Form A(111k)
Pattern Table(105k)
Emo Park Census Form(413k)
Wagespage1 (118k)
Wagespage 2(112k)
Wagespage3 (102)

Ed2 160(160k)
C 1901 Queen's 65 6 2 (150K)
C 1901 Queen's 65 6 2 B1 (167K)
C 1911 Queen's 65 6 2 (136K)

C 1911 Queen's 65 6 2(Big) (2023K)