Leinster Express Articles concerning Emo Court

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1835 April Description of Paddy Whack, the Earl of Portarlington's horse
1835 May Letters between Daniel O'Connell & George Dawson Damer
1836 November Emo Hunt under new management
1836 December Woodcock shooting to be let at Emo Park
1846 January Death of the 2nd Earl of Portarlington, his funeral and will (March)
1846 Aug, Sept, Oct Arrival of & welcome to the 3rd Earl of Portarlington
1847 January Letter from Lord Portarlington to his tenants re sowing seeds
1847 March Marriage of Miss Dawson Damer to Viscount Ebrington
1847 April Encumbered Estates Act
1847 May 1.Announcement of marriage of the 3rd Earl & Lady Alexandrina Vane
1847 May 2. Letter from G L Dawson Damer to electors of Portarlington
1847 July Portarlington election and why G L Dawson Damer is not standing
1847August/ September Marriage of the 3rd Earl
1848 April Fatal Assault on Eliza Connor at Morette
1848 August Arrival of 3rd Countess at Emo Park
1848 November   1. Letter re alleged disturbances at Emo Park
1848 November   2. Death of Hon Mrs Dawson-Damer (mother 4th Earl, Mary Seymour)
1848 December  Lord Portarlington chairs Poor Law Movement meeting Portarlington
1849 January Entertainment and Ball at Emo Park
1849 November/December Encumbered Estates Commission deals with Emo Park
1850 July Earl of Portarlington's agent in Roscrea levels 30 houses
1850 August Description of Emo Court from the Daily News: Encumbered Estates Court
1850 September Description of Roscrea estates ( two extracts)
1850 November Court Case: John Simmons vs Lord Portarlington - land seizure
1850 December Incumbered Estates Court: Messrs Driver, London, appointed agents
1851 January General Gough intends to purchase Emo Park
1851 February Notice of Sale of House and Estate
1851  April The Earl of Portarlington will not be purchasing Emo Park
1851  June London Journals take an interest in the sale of Emo Park
1852 January  1. Incumbered Estates Ad re Emo Park
1852 January    2. Letter re the late Lord Portarlington
1852 February   1. Sale of the Portarlington Estates
1852 February   2. Celebrations re purchase by Lord Portarlington
1852 April   1. Address to John Sadleir from tenantry; 2. Letter to John Sadleir
1852 June   1. Return of Lord and Lady Portarlington; 2. Rejoicing at Return
1853 January Ball at Portarlington
1853 October Court Case: Lord Portarlington vs. James Rourke
1854  April Court Case: Lord Portarlington vs. Thomas Cobbe - trespass and poaching
1854 July Sale of wood at Emo Park
1854 December 1. Lord and Lady Portarlington leave Emo for Christmas in Durham
1854 December 2. Over £28 collected for Patriotic Fund from Emo tenantry (named)
1856 September 1.Festivities at Emo  2. Lord Portarlington's Schools
1857 March Damer vs Portarlington - monies due from the late John Sadleir
1857 November Coursing at Emo Park
1858 September Children's Party at Emo
1858 November 1.Lord Portarlington's Groom vs Driver of Mr O'Rourke's Post Cars: court case
1858 November 2. Lord Portarlington's Roscrea estates for sale
1859 January Ball at Emo Park
1859 August School Festivities at Emo Park
1859 December Fire at Emo Park
1860 February List of guests staying at Emo Park
1860 September School Festivities at Emo Park
1861 January Game bag following shoot
1861 February St Michael’s Pres Convent Port. Fancy Bazaar
1861 June   Opening of RC Church Emo
1861 July Prince of Wales on The Heath. Dinner at Emo
1862 November Harvest Home at Emo Park
1863 Feb, Mar Letter from Lord Portarlington re celebrating Prince of Wales's marriage
1863 August Races at The Heath
1863 September Queen's County Horticultural Show
1863 November Appeal of the Earl of Portarlington's estate
1864 January Shooting party at Emo Park
1864 August Letter from Lord Portarlington concerning harvest & the weather
1865 October Lord Portarlington as "weather prophet"
1865 December Grand Bazaar and Prize Drawing at Emo Park
1866 August Picnics at Emo Park
1866 September Queen's County Horticultural Show
1866 September New Roman Catholic church at Emo
1867 March Fenians intend to burn Emo Court
1867 April Tenants apologise for Fenian intent;Lord Portarlington replies 
1868 July Arrival of the Earl and Countess of Portarlington at Emo
1869 January Grand Ball at Emo Park
1872 January 1.  Lord Portarlington and the Poor 2. Lord Portarlington on Irish Education
1872 February Queen’s County Hunt Ball
1872 August   Man in Steeple (Maryborough)
1874 January   A Peer's Grievance - Lord Portarlington & the House of Lords
1874 January   Illness, death & funeral of the Countess of Portarlington
1874 August   Queen's Co Horticultural Society Show
1875 February Anniversary Mass for late Countess of Portarlington: description of church
1875 May Unveiling of monument to the late Countess at Emo Church
1875 July Lord Portarlington writes on 1. the weather 2. Daniel O'Connell
1875 August Queens Co Agricultural Show 1. the dinner 2. the awards
1875 September School Fete at Emo Park
1875 October The Jesuits conduct a Mission at Emo
1876August Queen’s Co Horticultural Society Show
1876 December Visit of HRH the Duke of Connaught to Emo Park
1877 January Visit of the Lord Lieutenant and Duchess of Marlborough to Emo
1877 July Queen's County Rose Show at The Heath
1877 December Portarlington Petty Sessions - rabbits poached in the demesne
1878 September School Fete at Emo Park
1879 January Ball at Emo Park – Duke of Marlborough
1879 February Investiture of Order of St Patrick of 3rd Earl of Portarlington   
1879 May Address to Lord Portarlington from Portarlington householders
1879 August Queen's County Horticultural Show
1879 November 1.Duchess of Marlborough visits Coolbanagher NS
1879 November   2. Threatening Notices at Emo Park (8th and 29th) 3. Dinner Party at Emo
1879 December Ball at Emo Park
1880 August Fete at Emo Park
1880 December Lord  Portarlington and the Poor
1881 June/August Lord Portarlington accepts Griffith's Valuation for his tenants
1881 June Court Case: Lord Portarlington vs. butchers of Portarlington in the Town Hall
1881 July Queen's County Rose Show at the courthouse Maryborough
1881 October Marriage: Hon G L S H Dawson-Damer (5th Earl) to Emma A Frere Kennedy
1882 June Return of Lord Portarlington after absence of 10 mths due to illness
1883 January Deputation to Earl re St Paul’s Church Portarlington
1883 January Visit of Lord Lieutenant and Lady Spencer to Emo
1883 June School fete at Emo Park
1883 July Queen’s County Rose Show The Heath
1884 July 1. Garden Party at Emo; 2. Queen's County Rose Show The Heath
1885 April 1.Earl at Royal Levee Dublin; 2.Portarlington school sold
1885 April   3. Royal train stops at Portarlington
1885 July Queen’s Co Rose Show at Emo. Lord Lieutenant 
1886 January Court Case: Lord Portarlington vs. Midgeley: rent unpaid
1886 November Shooting party at Emo Park - Lord Lieutenant visits
1889 March, May Death of the 3rd Earl of Portarlington, his funeral and will
1889 July Arrival of Lord and Lady Carlow at Emo Park
1889 September Garden Party at Emo Park before departure of Lord and Lady Carlow
1891  October 1. Portarlington Endowed School Inquiry  2. Census returns Queens County
1891  October 3. Dedication of new organ at Coolbanagher, partly funded by Lord Carlow 
1892 January The Servants’ Ball
1892 June Cricket Match at Emo vs Geashill
1892 July School Fete at Emo
1892 October Portarlington Sports
1892 November Fancy Bazaar in Maryborough
1893 August Will of the late 4th Earl of Portarlington
1893 September Monasterevan v Emo cricket match: Lord Carlow, aged 6, makes 6 runs
1894 December Death of the Dowager Countess of Portarlington (4th Earl's wife) in England
1895 January Ball at Emo Park (for servants and tenants)
1896 February Car accident to Lord Portarlington
1896 March Game prosecution: four Kilmalogue men summoned by Lord Portarlington
1896 July 4th Battalion Leinster Regiment at Emo Park for manoeuvres
1896 November Battue at Emo Park - "bag" = 4604
1897 March Sale of Portarlington estates in Stradbally & in Co Tipperary
1897 August 1.School Fete at Emo Park 2.Home Industries Exhibition at Emo Park
1897 November Battue (shoot) at Emo Park - "bag" = 851 pheasants, 3581 rabbits
1898 January 1.Festivities for children at Emo Park
1898 January   2. Lord Portarlington conjures in Abbeyleix
1898 June Lord Portarlington at Masonic Hall Newbridge
1898 November Lady Portarlington presides over the basket stall
1899 July Picnics at Emo Park
1899 September Amateur Theatricals at Portarlington and Emo
1900 Mar, Jul, Aug Queen's County Home Industries Exhibition at Emo Park
1900 July Excursion to Emo Park - over 200 attend
1900 Sept, Oct, Nov Death of the 5th Earl of Portarlington, and his will
1902 June Trespass in pursuit of Game: Michael Cumbre vs Trustees of Lord Portarlington
1904  August 1.Countess of Ravensworth arrives at Emo, & presents cup to QC Gun Club
1904  August 2. QC Home Industries Association exhibition in Monasterevin
1904 October Marriage of Lady Aline Dawson-Damer to Mr Vivian in London
1904 December Earl of Portarlington fined for speeding in Hyde Park
1905  September Accident to a "well-known motorist", perhaps Lord Portarlington?
1907 February Marriage of Lord Portarlington and Miss Winnifreda Yuill
1907 March Homecoming of Lord and Lady Portarlington
1907 April 1. Gymnastic Display Portarlington 2. Speeding Charge Lord Portarlington
1907 June Barrow Drainage Scheme
1907 December Birth of an Heir to Lord Portarlington
1908 Jan & Nov Battues (shoot) at Emo Park - "bag" = 2209 and 3409
1908 July Earl of Portarlington prosecuted for speeding in Stradbally: case dismissed
1909 November Battue (shoot) at Emo Park - "bag" = 5089
1910 April Court Case: alleged damage by to crops by Emo Park pheasants
1910 August Sudden death of George Dempster, gamekeeper's son
1911 September Fete at Emo Park with helter skelter
1911 December 1. Christmas celebrations at Emo Park 2. Presentation to Mr & Mrs Keegan
1912 January Ball at Emo Park
1914 January Entertainment for 3 schools
1914 November Belgian Refugees relief
1914 December Pictures of the War at Maryborough
1918 August Ballybrittas Petty Sessions: Rabbit Poaching at Emo
1920 September   Ad re Sale of Furniture etc at Emo Park
1995 January A New Era for Emo Court by John Whelan