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  • Dooley, Terence  The Big Houses and Landed Estates of Ireland – a research guide (Dublin 2007)



  • Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto DfES 2006
  • Feehan, John  Laois  Introduction: On Teaching the Local Environment
  • Attingham Trust Report 2004  Opening Doors – Learning in the Historic Environment
  • National Trust – Vision for Learning, and the Guardianship Scheme
  • OPW Heritage Sites of Ireland 2008  booklet



  • History Leaving Certificate Draft Guidelines for Teachers DES 2004
  • History Junior Certificate Guidelines for Teachers DES 1996
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  • The Great Irish Famine and Famine Today – activity based education pack for JC and TY students
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  • Material from the Ulster American Folk Park re 19th century emigration: teacher and pupil resources
  • Donegal County Archives Pack on using archives
  • Donegal County Archives Study “The Flight of the Earls”



  • Dunne, T (ed) Geographical Exploration: investigating Ireland’s heritage   Study of a Landed Estate pp145 – 156


Transition Year

  • Tourism Awareness programme  Teacher’s Resource Manual + CD
  • Cross-curricular work
  • Aldo Papone Award and Teen Travel Essay
  • Organising Local Historical Heritage Studies
  • A History Newsletter


Emo Court – the House and Estate

  • Bence Jones, Mark  Burke’s Guide to Country Houses Vol 1 Ireland (1978)
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  • Sketch Emo Court house 1808 by P Neale in Famous Houses of Gt Britain and Ireland (Nat Lib copy)   -  nb house without dome
  • DVD Emo Court:The Story of a House  (Loopline Films)
  • DVD Images of Emo Court OPW on grounds (2 copies)


Earls of Portarlington

  • Family Tree of the Earls of Portarlington
  • Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage   Portarlington entry
  • Life of Viscount Carlow 1907 – 1944, founder of the Corvinus Press
  • Powell, John  Shot a Buck – the Emo Estate 1798 – 1852
  • Powell, John  Pavilioned in Splendour
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  • Powell, John Lady Portarlington’s Society and Lord Portarlington’s War
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  • Coat of Arms of the Dawson-Damer Family
  • Funeral Expenses of Lady Portarlington February 1874
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James Gandon

  • Duffy, Hugo  James Gandon and his Times (Cork 1999)
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  • Coolbanagher Church brochure 1967
  • Coolbanagher Church photo of Gandon’s plans
  • St Peter’s Church Portlaoise – information on church and steeple



  • Survey of the Architectural Heritage of Co Laois 2002
  • History of Architecture  articles on neo-Classicism and Palladianism
  • Shaping Space: architecture in Transition Year
  • Archaeological Inventory of Co Laois 
  • Howley, James Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland  article on the Temple at Emo Court
  • Howley, James Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland article on Ice Houses
  • Howley, James Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland article on proposed summer house at Dawson’s Court
  • Irish Georgian Society Newsletter Spring 1986 Article on the Temple
  • Gandon’s design for Emo Court 1788?
  • Gandon’s design for the Portarlington mausoleum at Coolbanagher
  • Gandon’s design for the Earl of Portarlington’s portico (see journal below)
  • Van Lemmen, Hans Coade Stone  extracts
  • Craig, Maurice Architectural History Vol 27 1984: The Account Book of William Caldbeck, architect – article
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  • Photo of Michael Scott’s plans for attic extension 1954
  • Irish Architectural Archive Biographical Index: Vulliamy, Caldbeck, A, M and J Williamson



  • 1777 Portarlington Taylor and Skinner  map of roads of Ireland
  • Ordnance Survey 1829 -41  Emo Court Demesne & Coolbanagher
  • Ordnance Survey 1907 Emo Court Demesne & Coolbanagher
  • Grand Canal DublinShannon Harbour (Fr K Laheen Tullabeg)


Literature and Emo Court

  • Kiely, Benedict       There was an Ancient House  (Wolfhound 1997)
  • Kiely, Benedict       There was an Ancient House  (Wolfhound 1997)

Annotated By Fr Conor Harper

  • O,Meara John        The Singing Masters (Lilliput 1990)
  • Fr Matthias Bodkin          Borrowed Days  (Browne and Nolan 1942) extracts
  • Lady Caroline Dawson, 1st Countess of Portarlington            Gleanings

from an Old Portfolio extracts from her letters to her sister

Art and Emo Court

  • Jonathan Fisher painter   articles from IT and Painting History
  • Jonathan Fisher  article in Irish Arts Review Spring 2008 
  • Ann Seymour Damer sculptor   article
  • Batoni, Pompei articles
  • Bonhams Catalogue 2007  Sale of ormolu amethyst quartz vases c1772 originally from Emo Court
  • List of paintings at Emo Court  OPW
  • Detail on some specific paintings at Emo Court


Emo Court Garden and Environment

  • Red Squirrels Education Pack     Northern Ireland EHS
  • The Irish Squirrel Survey 2007
  • All-Ireland Species Action Plan Red Squirrel May 2008 
  • Bat Survey Emo Court      Scott Cawley
  • Discover Bats! DVD, video and worksheets
  • Heron, Marianne The Gardens of Ireland (Dublin 1999) entry on Emo
  • Heron, Marianne Hidden Gardens of Ireland entry on Emo
  • Reeves-Smyth, Terence    The Gardens  of Ireland entry on Emo
  • Whaley, Jack  The Gardens of Ireland   entry on Emo
  • Elwes, H J and Henry A  The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland  (Edinburgh 1906) mention of Wellingtonia avenue at Emo
  • Tree Council of Ireland    List of County Champion Trees
  • Tree Council of Ireland    Top 25 Trees in Co Laois
  • Tree Council of Ireland and Meath Co Council  Balrath Wood Notes for Teachers
  • An Taisce  LEAF Project Forestry education as a cross-curricular education tool
  • Armstrong, Thomas Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom – Teaching Strategies for the Naturalist Intelligence
  • The Irish Garden March 2008  article on Emo gardens



  • Irish Jesuit Directory and Year Book for 1931  Fr H King, article on the setting up of a novitiate at St Mary’s Emo
  • Irish Jesuit Year Book for 1971  Fr R Brenan, article on the closing of the St Mary’s novitiate
  • Province News Vols IX and X 1956 – 63   excerpts
  • O’Meara, John       The Singing Masters pp 41 – 54   autobiography   the life of a novice at St Mary’s
  • Kiely, Benedict       There was an Ancient House        novel                the life of a novice at St Mary’s
  • Bodkin, Fr Matthias         Borrowed Days  novel   excerpts
  • Irish Arts Review 1996 A Miraculous Survival: Emo Court Co Laois Fr A Symondson
  • Advertisement of Sale of Emo Court September 1969
  • List of clothing: Outfit for the Novitiate
  • Order of Time: Weekly Timetable for Novices
  • Letter to parents prior to son’s admission
  • Postcard of St Mary’s Emo donated by Father C Harper


Father Browne

  • O’Donnell, Fr E E Fr Browne – a life in pictures (Dublin 1994)
  • Photographs by Fr Browne – database for Co Laois and Emo Court
  • Jesuit Province News Vol X July 1960 Obituary Fr Browne
  • Jesuit Province News Vol X July 1961 Obituary Fr Browne from the Irish Guards’ Association Journal February 1961
  • Article: Moloney, Senan Fr Browne defamation, anonymity and some missing photographs


Mr Cholmeley-Harrison

  • DVD 1995 Handing Over the House to the State
  • 1995 Transcript of interview with CH about Emo Court
  • Irish Times article by Sylvia Thompson September 1995
  • Sir Albert Richardson architect and specialist in Georgian renovation, article
  • Burke’s Irish Families: Cholmeley Harrison family entry
  • Obituaries from newspapers
  • Memorial service leaflet


Local Schools

  • Extracts from “Blue Book”: government report on schools in the Dioceses of Kildare and Leighlin 1824


Information on Other Big Houses


  • Irish Georgian Society Bulletin 1973: 7 Houses in Co Leix
  • Articles and excerpts on Ballyfin, Heywood, Abbeyleix, Stradbally


  • Castle Coole Enniskillen Co Fermanagh Teachers’ Resource Book
  • Florencecourt Enniskillen Co Fermanagh
  • Co Fermanagh
  • Castletown Co Kildare
  • Strokestown Co Roscommon
  • Newbridge House Co Dublin
  • Damer House Roscrea Co Tipperary
  • Kenwood House London
  • Stowe School and Park, Bucks.
  • Ulster American Folk Park Teacher & Pupil Resources/Workbooks
  • Kilkenny Castle
  • Butler Family History



Servants in Victorian times

  • Adams, Samuel & Sarah    The Complete Servant (Southover 1989)
  • Horn, Pamela The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Servant (Sutton 1990)



  • Letter in Gleanings 7 August 1781
  • Dinner is served! From Life Below Stairs by Frank E Huggett (john Murray London)
  • You were what you ate – article in the Irish Times 6 Sept 08 by Sylvia Thompson on the role that food played in Georgian society



Articles from The Times of London

  • 1852 January        Sale of Emo Park
  • 1862 January        Colonel Taylor shot in hand
  • 1927 November      Sale of Portarlington Pictures




Articles from the Irish Times 1861 – 1923 concerning Earls of Portarlington

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Articles from the Leinster Express 1848 – 1914 concerning Emo Court

See under separate heading