The Diary of the 2nd Earl of Portarlington indicates the slow progress of the building of Emo Court:


 (Diary of John Dawson, the 2nd Earl of Portarlington: with acknowledgement to John S Powell ‘Shot a Buck’)


1817 Feb 1st

Put up the hall door

1818 Mar 11th

Put up the new chimney piece in my room

1818 Oct 9th

Began to paper the breakfast room

1818 Dec 13th

Finished the library

1824 Sept 28th

Began to finish the new bedroom

1824 Oct 9th

Laid first stone of the front portico

1824 Nov 13th

Finished the columns of portico

1825 Oct 1st

Finished the front portico

1826 Sept 2nd

Pulled down last of old house [Dawson Court?]

1826 Sept 25th

Finished  ceiling of portico & finished the staircase

1827 Apr 13th

Finished hall door

1829 Apr 22nd

Williamson [architect] here and took 5 of my plans of the house

1829 Dec 2nd

Laid the first stone of the new offices at the corner of the house

1830 Jul 23rd

Laid the first stone of wall of back portico at 8 am

1830 Oct 28th

Williamson and Ballantine here: finished the sunk fence bank of the house

1832 May 11th

Mr Vulliamy architect left for London

1832 Sept 15th

Finished the base course of portico at back of the house: put up the two large mahogany sashes in the windows of the two wings in front of the house

1832 Oct 2nd

Laid the first Portland stone of the area wall opposite the dining room

1832 Dec 20th

Put up the new bed in the pink room

1833 Jan 10th

Finished putting up the hypocaust under the library and staircase by Mr McKean of Dawson Street

1833 Feb 2nd

Finished the new wine cellar under the front portico

1833 April 19th

Removed all the wine from the round cellar into the new cellar under the portico

1834 April 21st

Removed the window in my room to the north and pulled up the floor

1834 Aug 3rd

Finished taking away the large heap of earth on the west side of the house

1834 Sept 24th

Finished putting up the marble door case in hall

1834 Sept 29th

Commenced doing the back front of the house with Roman cement

1839 Nov 6th

The window in the upstairs passage painted

1839 Nov 29th

Carpenter finished the dining room

1839 Dec 10th

Finished putting up the hall doors into saloon

1839 Dec 30th

Began unpacking the books in the library and lighted a fire therein

1840 Feb 1st

Dined in the new dining room for the first time