This is a depiction of a ceremonial and celebratory procession. Not all the details are accurate – for example, there appears to be some confusion about the central image wearing a winged helmet – Hermes – but holding a wand with entwined serpents – Asklepius.




In the centre

·        Apollo holds a lyre and leans against a draped half column.




On the left side of the panel

·        one man is holding a shepherd’s crook, others are dancing, another plays panpipes, yet another shakes a tambourine, and one more carries a sheep over one shoulder. On the face of the tambourine are the date 1853 and a signature.

·        robed women in the company of a child are carrying wreaths.

·        Hermes wearing a winged and horned helmet is carrying a wand entwined by 2 snakes



On the right side of the panel

·        Dionysus (also called Bacchus in Roman mythology) rides in a carriage pulled by two lions.

·        women in the procession bear wreaths, flowers and a cornucopia.

·        men follow with pipes and cymbals.

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Back of House Panel Left

Back of House Panel Right