• Coade stone is an artificial stone material (or ceramic) made from crushed flint, quartz, lime and clay. It is poured into a mould and fired at a high temperature
  • It is resistant to frost and to weathering generally
  • Mrs Eleanor Coade set up her business in Lambeth, London  1769 – 1833
  • She offered “off the shelf solutions” for builders and architects
  • Coade stone was used by well-known architects and designers such as Robert Adam
  • Examples of Coade stone:

Panels on front of Emo Court

Lion on Westminster Bridge London

Buckingham Palace London

St Paul’s Cathedral London

Radcliffe Observatory Oxford

Lucan House, Co Dublin  (Italian Embassy)

Fountain Merrion Square Dublin

Frieze Rotunda Hospital Dublin

Coade Stone Factory London c 1800


Arts and Architecture Panel Emo Court 

The Heraldic tiger at Emo Court and Portarlington coat-of-arms are made of reconstituted stone.

The back of the shield of the tiger on the left as you face the door is signed and dated 1854 by the Cork sculptor Richard Barter