Servants at Emo Court in 1911


The 3 year old Viscount was the only family member at home on the day of the 1911 census. Of the indoor staff, two nurses and six other servants were home.



1. Viscount Carlow            George L. Seymour Dawson (3yrs 3mnths),born in London

2. Nursemaid                   Annie L. White (17), English (Bucks.)

3. Nurse                          Annie Turrell (40), English (Essex)

4. Housekeeper                Edith Adams (40), England

5. Head housemaid            Margaret Wilson, (38), Wicklow

6. 2nd housemaid                Sadie Williams (20), Wicklow

7. 1st footman                   William Carpenter (?) (32), London

8. 3rd housemaid                Annie McKeown (18), Tipperary

9. Scullery maid               Brigid Fitzpatrick (18), Queen’s Co.    



The housekeeper was listed as the head of the household and a note from the census enumerator says she was “the only member of the family at home, the rest are servants”. The servants were all single and Protestant with the exception of the scullery-maid who was Catholic.