Servants at Emo Court 1901


When the 1901 census was taken, Lord and Lady Portarlington were away from home. They had clearly taken away many of their household staff with them as only five servants were home, one of whom was the retired housemaid.

1. Patrick Graham (23) footman, Queen's Co., Catholic
2. Mary Hanlon (21?) dairymaid, Co. Cork, Catholic
3. Annie Collins (27) housemaid, Co. Meath, Catholic
4. Ellen Whitehorn (20) housemaid, born in England, Protestant
5. Anne Conway (80?) retired housemaid, Queen's Co., Catholic(Housemaid)

Although he was not the eldest staff member home, by virtue of his rank, the footman was listed in the census as head of the household (the butler and housekeeper being absent). The servants listed were all unmarried and all but Anne Conway could read and write.